Dickey Traded? What?

R.A. Dickey has signed with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Anibal Sanchez Back With Tigers

Anibal Sanchez has signed a 5 year, 80 million dollar deal with Detroit. Sanchez had a 9-13 record with a 3.86 era and 167 strikeouts in 2012.

Angles Sign Hamilton to 5 year, $125 Million Deal

The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim have signed Josh Hamilton to a 5 year, $125 Million dollar deal. Hamilton, who played for the Texas Rangers, hit over thirty home runs, and having over 100 Runs Batted In in 2012. Albert Pujols, who plays for the Angles is shocked, yet very excited to have Hamilton join the team. The predicted outfield for the Angels is, Mark Trumbo, Mike Trout, and Josh Hamilton. All of listed hit 30+ home runs in 2012. 2013 is looking good for the Angels.

Yankees News

The New York Yankees have signed Ichiro Suzuki to a two year deal. Ichiro, who was traded from the Seattle Mariners last year, is going to start his first season as a Yankee. Meanwhile, Mariano Rivera, the best closer for the Yankees, says he is ready to go for the 2013 season after nursing a season ending injury.

Reynolds Now An Indian

Former Orioles first baseman Mark Reynolds signed a one year contract with the Indians. 
Reynolds hit over 20 home runs in the 2012 season with the Orioles. He also had the highest strikeout percentage in the history of the MLB. Reynolds wanted to sign an 11 million dollar contract to keep his career with the Orioles. But the Orioles declined his request. Therefor, he signed with the Cleveland Indians.

McLouth and the O's

The Orioles outfielder showed an impressive season with the Orioles last season. He is now ready to start a new on with the Birds. He used to play for many teams, and won a gold glove in his day, but says the O's are the team he wants to be with.